Cthulhu cane`s top

Cthulhu like creature on top of a cane.  Design created for cosplay players or fans of Lovercraft stories.
Sculpted in zbrush. Available for 3D print on demand. Coloured and vernished or just in white plastic ready to be painted.
Feel free to contact me for ordering or if you have any questions.

Feel free to contact me if you want order one.
3D sculpting & printing services available on demand.

Vampire skull 3D model & print

Meet Victor a 300 years old vampire, recently dead 😉

Personal project of a cane`s head modeled in zbrush. The 3D model was made partially in modo for the lower part. All the other parts was sculpted in zbrush. The final object is 6x7x11 cm tall. A first 3D print (thanks Kuba Schmidt) and a try of old gold painting is on the photos. Quality will be improved by polishing to meet smooth surface and a vernish will be applied to keep the color vivid. The final cane will be a very solid object due to the PLA resistance.
For anyone interested in custom designs I`m inviting you to contact me

Cane`s head design and 3D printing final result
Vampire skull 3D design