The Real Deal Opportunity Zones magazine cover

For their Los Angeles magazine supplement Paul Dilaikan asked me to create an illustration with a title made of pushpins on a map. The assignment was not so simple as it sounds, the title has to be 100% readable so choosing the right ammount and size of the pushpins was the key. Plus an attractive color palette. We have finished with three color sets and one was choosed for the cover. Another one (the colorful) was used inside the magazine. here you have the final images and the variations as well as few close-ups.

The cover:

On the web:

The illustration alone:

Alternate versions:



Cthulhu cane`s top

Cthulhu like creature on top of a cane.  Design created for cosplay players or fans of Lovercraft stories.
Sculpted in zbrush. Available for 3D print on demand. Coloured and vernished or just in white plastic ready to be painted.
Feel free to contact me for ordering or if you have any questions.

Feel free to contact me if you want order one.
3D sculpting & printing services available on demand.

Stock markets cover illustration for The Real Deal

Cover illustration for “The Real Deal” magazine showing stock markets ratings walls with the headline and deck inserted as a display board too. A display wall worked well to show more depth and dynamic for this image.

Art Director: Paul Dilakian
Tools used: Modo, Photoshop

Cover illustration

Final cover

Maciej Frolow


Dimond cover illustration for The Real Deal

Creating hundreds of diamonds and some blood for a cover.

The New York based magazine The Real Deal comissioned me an illustration for the cover with a title “writen” in diamonds made as you write it in the sand.
The brief was to have the title as clear as possible and showing it is written with diamonds. Some droplets of blood shows here that the diamond market have his dark side.
Using many dimond shapes and sizes I created the empty spaces forming the letters. The black coal background adds to the readability of the typography.

Art Director : Paul Dilakian

Tools used : Modo, Zbrush, Octane render, Photoshop

Full image and close-ups.

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Photos of Manhattan

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New York is always fascinating, Manhattan is of course the key place, especially great when seen from far so if you go to Brooklyn Bridge Park on sunset and stay to see the buildings windows light up, you`ll have an awesome spectacle right in front of you. The ballet of the boats adds a final touch to this stunning cityscape. Dont forget to bring a tripod and make some long exposure photos.

Try also to go to New Jersey at the J Owen Grundy Park you`ll have a fantastic panorama of the city. Again at night the view is awesome.

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