Returning to New York

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I`m starting to write this travel blog about New York, being inspired by a friend. Let`s see if she`s right to make an illustrator writing texte 😉

Two years ago this place changed my life by setting up side down a lot of my expectations and points of view. Sounds crazy ? Not really : when you live most of your life in a mid sized town you`re not prepared to see a megalopolis. The scale was a shock for me. The size of the buildings of course but also the number of people living there. The size of the infrastructure, the numbers of underground lines and so on. But mostly the diversity of people. Even visiting a multicultural London was nothing compared to New York.

Some other changes more personal made this first travel to this city a turning point in my life.
I don`t think that the second trip to New York will be a such big thing for me but it will certainlly make me richer in many areas like meeting new people, getting inspiration for my projects and probably just make me a little happier when spending three weeks in a cool place 🙂